• Shirley Fox

Doing My Part

I’ve been posting about current events the last few weeks. This week I thought I would talk about art again...and how it fits into this environment of social unrest and health crisis.

I’ve thought a lot about how my art could make more of an impact. I want to make a statement about how I stand with the protesters and racial equality. I believe that artists have the onus to record history. Landscape artists record what the world looks like at the time they are alive. Still lifes record what we value, portraits record how we looked and the fashion of the day.

That’s when it occurred to me that the abstract artist gives us a sense of the emotion and attitude of the times. My art does reflect so much of what the temperature of the country is now. Rough, jagged and raw. Peaks and valleys. Ups and downs.

Abstract art makes us slow down. A break from the stresses. These pieces I’m creating now invite you to just sit and stare. Colors melting together. Patterns forming wherever you find them. Art gives us an opportunity to just be in the moment. I even hesitate to give them titles. The idea is to create your own feeling about what you are seeing.

I will leave the real statement pieces to those who are much better at it than I am. Besides, as a white female, I don’t think I could do the same kind of justice to a piece that someone who has experienced the suppression that we are finally opening our eyes to, can.

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