• Shirley Fox

Make The Most (Art) With What You've Got

This is me and my garden. I actually started my first garden last year. It was only somewhat productive. I had plenty of herbs but very little vegetables. This year looks more promising and the timing couldn’t be better. I read now that the food chain is breaking down. Not because of a lack of food. It’s from all the sick workers in the food industry.

I get that this stay-at-home is difficult. If you’re among the millions of poor Americans, you’re probably really suffering now. Or the father of a family that you’re not sure how you’re going to support, that can be devastating. Here in Florida, thanks to having Republicans running the state for the past few decades, we have the worst unemployment system in the country.

As for me, I fall into that “of a certain age” category.

That said, I am unsettled by the blatant show of selfishness and self-pity. We are such a nation of privilege that when we are inconvenienced, we start screaming “rights”. What gives anyone the right to endanger the health of others?

I decided to use this time to expand my art and gardening skills. I am trying new things with my art. I always wanted to try my hand at abstract art. Some of my older pieces are abstracts with a lot of texture. The texture takes on a life of its own. I feel that since I have to be a shut-in, it gives me the opportunity to experiment and try new things. I will be sharing these experiments. I encourage everyone to take this time to find some creativity to try. Don’t worry about how it turns out. Just have fun with it!

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