• Shirley Fox

Rain In The Time Of Unrest

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Another rainy day. It’s been a hot, rainy week. That’s OK. It cools the temperature for the protesters and it’s Mother Nature’s way of feeding and cleaning her beloved earth. If only she could wash away so many sins from the past. Wash away fear and hate and anger.

I saw a small segment of an interview given by educator Jane Elliott. By the way, whoever posted it should include the name of the person being interviewed. She made such an excellent point about how every white person is a racist. It’s how we’ve been raised. Our education system only teaches the accomplishments of white males. Except for that one African-American scientist who discovered uses for soy and peanuts. What was his name again? (re: George Washington Carver)

Don’t even get me started on Christopher Columbus. Discover America? How can you discover a place where people already live?

I’ve always said that education is the key to equality. Lopsided teaching leads to lopsided thinking. White people are scared to death that equality means giving up privilege. Something that we have enjoyed for far too long.

I believe that, along with law enforcement accountability, there needs to be a change in our educational curriculum. White people, STOP calling yourselves “Christians” and then judging people by their skin color. If there are black people that bother you because of their lifestyle, just remember WE created this life for them through years of suppression. Not only that but, we can trace all of our DNA back to about four black women.

Black Lives Matter!

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