• Shirley Fox

Small Work With A Big Message

Maybe I'm overselling it. It's small in size. Only 8"x10". I titled it "Dark Days". It somehow seems appropriate for today. It is a rainy day in Central Florida today but, that's not the dark days I'm referring to. It's not just today.

We are all tired and frustrated. It's amazing how exhausting it can be to stay home and do nothing. Mentally. Emotionally.

Being confined has challenged me to create work on a small scale. With less surface to cover, it becomes important to convey a mood. Not that it isn't important in all art. With a small piece there isn't room for much detail.

I think this painting is telling in that it is confined and moody. We're all relying more on social media to keep in touch with what's going on. From what I've read, there is a lot of this very feeling in so many people. Some have even decided that they're so tired of it, it's over. Let's act like it's no big deal. The politicians are doing what they do: making it political.

Today, we reached 100,000 dead. That would be like dropping a bomb in the middle of a full sports stadium. Somehow, I think the public would be much more effected if that were to happen rather than having them spread out over a couple months. Have we really become that numb to death? Let's not forget too, that most of those deaths were the elderly. Just a bunch of old people. Dispensable.

It's not just the confinement. There is so much still going on with racism and greed. Fatal fights over wearing a mask in public. Just today there were protests against the police and their treatment of a black man that they arrested. He later died from the injuries imposed by the four all white policemen. Dark days.

I'm not going to conclude this on such a negative note. I'm grateful for the slight improvements in the environment since humans have been staying inside. I can't remember who said it so I can't give credit but, I like it. "It's like Mother Nature sent us all to our rooms to think about what we've done." Perfect!

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