• Shirley Fox

Variety For The Sake Of Sanity

I love color. I love expressing with color. Now, when I feel the need to stay safe inside, I feel justified in just being free with my art. These pieces express that desire to be able to accept change and break the rules. With just a touch of angst, I want to be more and more expressive.

That's why you see some different genres here. Conventional advise tells artists to keep to one style and create a brand. I have done that for years. Now, with the world in crisis, I am breaking from tradition and just doing what feels right and enjoyable.

For years I created landscapes using aluminum. It lends itself especially well to creating trees. I enjoy the texture and the way the paint plays on the surface. I decided to expand the texturing to abstracts. I also limit my pallet to keep the colors from becoming muddy.

During these "uncertain times" (a term advertisers love to use which, frankly, scares the hell out of me) I sincerely hope that everyone will give some kind of creativity a try and keep your sanity!

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