• Shirley Fox

When Opportunity Knocks...

So Back Inside, 24"x18"

One would think that after so much time in more or less isolation that we would welcome the opportunities to interact with others again. Yet, so many people I talk to say they feel less like socializing now than before the pandemic. I bring this up because I have been accepted into the Maitland Rotary Art Festival next month.

As I mentioned before, I hadn’t planned on participating in art festivals anymore. Then this call came up and I went for it. Now, I vacillate between excitement and feeling I should cancel before it’s too late. I always do my best to follow through on my commitments so, I will be there with my tent and my art and a smile on my face.

The thing I look forward to the most (besides the obvious prospect of sales) is talking to the public about my art and my technique for creating it.

Here’s the thing. I paint on foil. Plain old foil. I have had several people (men) tell me to not say that it’s foil. Just say you paint on metal, they say. After additional comments from more people (men) I realized that they (men) see the admission of painting on foil as somehow diminishing the artwork. Even after reminding them that there are pieces of art hanging in museums that are painted on cardboard, they still seem to think it’s a bad idea to reveal my choice of canvas.

After giving it some further thought, it occurred to me that these people (men) devalue it so much because it’s something that is traditionally used in the kitchen for cooking (by women). How could something so unimportant to them have any value?

Mind you, I am speaking in very general terms and I know that not all men feel this way but, there seems to be enough of them in my world to be annoying. So guys, get over it! It’s aluminum foil. Plus it’s great for making fantastic pot roast.

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