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Yes, Artists, You Have To Deal With Money...

Updated: Jun 18

I titled this piece "The Arrangement". One of the few paintings I've created recently that resembles something recognizable. 16"x20", mounted on canvas.

Instead of writing my blog this morning I found myself doing research on investing. I had to put on the brakes. There is so much information and choices out there, one can get very confused. It all came about because of a book I’m reading. I was planning on doing a full review next week after finishing the book but it's very much on my mind.

The title of the book is “Make Your Art No Matter What”. I was intrigued so I paid the $8.99 for the Kindle version. There is a whole chapter dedicated to money. The author is an artists’ consultant and I get the impression that she is clearly familiar with artists and this subject. The book is mostly written for younger artists but many people are in need of financial advice in their later years.

My parents were children of the depression*. (Yes, I’m THAT old!) Most people during that time had a real fear of the availability of money. It was thought to be scarce. There was little talk of money in my family growing up. I think it was just assumed that you have to work really hard and squeeze out a living. Hang on to everything you have because there may not be enough in the future. A real sense of lack. I was also the youngest of three. I have to deal with that whole “irresponsibility of the youngest” syndrome. (Insert laughing emoji here.)

I jumped to the end to find the resources page. One of the recommended books is based on a list on an index card that went viral. The book is titled “The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated”. Here a link to an article about the list: 9 Simple Money Rules All On 1 Index Card ( For anyone who has thought that money is scary or difficult to deal with, this is a relief. Pretty sure I know what my next read will be.

*The Great Depression of the 1930's.

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